The HRT products do a great job in every industry. From forestry and recycling to landscaping and biomass. Each one with its own requirements and specifications. An overview.


Circular thinking is gaining in popularity around the world. This means that recycling is becoming common practice in every industry. And that makes perfect sense, considering the scarcity of raw materials. We are already seeing that almost all materials are reused by our wear parts. Whether it’s car tyres, chipboard, metal, glass, foam rubber, green waste, scrap wood or other waste streams.

Thank to our wealth of experience in recycling – and the knowledge we have from other industries – we know exactly what is needed for your application. Our range of wear parts for recycling is highly diverse, with parts for shredders through to grinding mills. And every product guarantees the best performance of your recycling machine.


Maintaining and managing greenery demand a lot of hard work from your machines. Whether it’s taking out stumps or shredding wood. To ensure you can continue without any hiccups in your line of work, you need wear parts that are specifically designed for durability and reliability in the toughest conditions.


“The branches of Wear Parts Europe have been intertwined with the forestry industry for many years. This is, after all, where the roots of our existence first sprouted. So you can understand that the machinery of foresters hold no secrets from us.
Whether that’s forest tillers, chippers, shredders or equipment for any other application. Besides our technical background, we know exactly which properties are essential for wear parts in forestry. We ensure the perfect combination of different material properties, resulting in a high-quality base product that is protected by the best wear-resistant coatings.”


In the biomass industry, your wear parts are in continuous contact with different natural materials that are pulverized and ground into smaller substances. This intensive process demands a lot from the wear parts due to the high level of abrasiveness and therefore frequent replacement. This means the parts require regular maintenance, costing you man-hours and lowering your operating effectiveness. Our wear parts help extend the service life of your machines, giving you top-notch performance at an affordable price.

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