Small Parts, Massive Impact

Wear Parts Europe helps every machine to perform at its best. For every brand and every application. We get up every day with a tireless ambition to transform quality steel into the strongest wear part available in the market. Together with our customers, we build the best solutions for their machines. Our continuous drive to improve has helped us become a leading global partner in wear parts. Alternative wear parts that extend the replacement of parts, reducing your operational costs. And a lower total cost of ownership as a result.

Driven by continuous improvements

Wear Parts Europe offers wear parts for all industries. From forestry and recycling to landscaping and biomass. And the knowledge we acquire in one sector is valuable to another. You could say that our product quality is the sum of our material knowledge across the full breadth of the field.

A new quality standard

Our distinct approach and focus on sustainable quality have helped us set a new standard for existing wear parts. The reliability of our HRT wear parts isn’t limited to the high quality of the products. We also have everything in place behind the scenes to take care of all your other needs.

Active worldwide

We can reach out to all continents and can rely on our vast network of dealers.

Endless possibilities

Would you like a sample?

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