At Wear Parts Europe, we engineer, manufacture, and distribute various wear parts, for a viariety of different machine brands, mainly for forestry mulchers, schredding equipment, and stump grinders.

Biomas and its schredding is becoming increasingly imporant in the search for alternative energy sources. Therefore, it is hardly suprising that the market for machines is growing, and highly competitive. 

Wear Parts Europe has a unique partnership with a well-known European manufacturer for wear- and spare parts, with over 15 year of experience in the production of wear parts in this sector. 

Resulting from laboratory analyses and field-expercts, we now offer a new range of carbide grades that excell in terms of hardness and durability. Our grades are long lasting, and highly resistant to failure. Together with a wear restistant body, the tools we offer are the best tools that are available on the market. 

As we have no commercial bind with any OEM manufacturer, our sole goal is to outperform the original wear part, and to replace it with a more cost efficient, and durable wear part. On a relatively short period, we have built a reputation of high quality parts at low cost. Therefore, we “know what lasts”.

We are the sole distributor for tools in the following emerging markets of Europe:
Moldova *
Serbia *

Emerging focal markets